The Blue River has two main sections: the Upper Blue and the Lower Blue. The Upper Blue begins somewhere around 12,000 feet and continues down through the mountains and through Breckenridge, finally emptying into Dillon Reservoir. Just below the town there is a nice long stretch that has a series of riffles and pools that contain a large number of trout.

The Lower Blue begins in the tailwater section below the dam at Dillon Reservoir, flowing along the valley floor until ending up in Green Mountain Reservoir, a distance of 17 miles or so. Along its way, it passes next to the outlet stores in Silverthorne, where there have been many large fish taken. But don't be fooled, because this area is so heavily fished, the fish here are probably more experienced at identifying fly patterns than many fishermen. This section of water below the dam is unique for the fact that the water that flows from the bottom-release dam contains a large number of Mysis Shrimp. The trout in this area can grow to enormous sizes. And since it's catch-and-release only in this section, you know they're still there!

The "Blue" is a medium sized river (100-300 c.f.s. most years) and one of the most scenic Gold Medal fisheries in Colorado. It can be fly fished from Dillon Reservoir dam downstream to the Colorado River, though the section between Dillon and and Green Mountain Reservoirs offers the best chance for success. Much of the other water is private so most anglers use the ten miles of public access between the two lakes.

The section directly below Dillon Reservoir dam in the town of Silverthorne is the most popular year-round tailwater in the area, especially for larger fish. Big trout live here because of the abundance of Mysis shrimp coming from the reservoir. There is excellent winter midge fishing in this section. The river freezes over downstream at about the five mile mark starting in mid to late December. Late March to November the entire river fishes well. Look for runoff conditions downstream mid-May to mid-June.

River access is clearly marked by division of wildlife signs and at parking areas. There are also National Forest easements. Colorado Highway 9 runs parallel to the river.

Part of this river has been designated a Gold Medal Trout Stream by the Colorado Wildlife Commission.

Part of this river has also been set aside as Wild Trout Water.

Contains: Rainbows and Browns.

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