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Colorado River Hatch Chart

Colorado River Mayfly Hatch Chart
Common Name
April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov.
"Trico" Spinner
Tricorythodes minutus
Blue-Winged Olive
Pale Evening Dun
Epeorus albertae
Green Drake
Ephemerella grandis
Pale Morning Dun
Ephemerella inermis
Mahogany Dun
Leptophlebia gravestella
Tiny Olive Quill
Psuedocloeon futile
Quill Gordon
Rhithrogena morrisoni
Red Quill
Rhithrogena hageni

Flies to use: Depending on the hatch. Best performers are.

When to Fish: You can fish and produce on this river all year long. Hot times are early spring, April and May, and late summer, September and October. Avoid run-off in late May through June. This year run-off is not a factor.

Hatch Report: Caddis flies are hatching in numbers currently. Some evening Baetis, large numbers of large stoneflys.

River Rating: Eight Trout. Short of a heavily stocked and managed tail water this is as good as it gets. Given the opportunity, this is the only thing I prefer to fish

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