Upper Colorado

This section of the Colorado is not as big and mighty as stretches farther downstream. One can wade across the river in most areas. This section probably fishes better than the others and there are plenty of State Wildlife access areas and parking. In all, a great example of a large and long Western-type fly fishing stream.

The Kemp and Breeze State Wildlife Areas (below Parshall) have excellent hatches and lots of large fish. Upstream (below Byers Canyon) the Lone Buck and Paul Gilbert's SWA's are also very good spots to fish.

The Williams Fork tailwater provides year-round fly fishing, The section below the Williams Fork and Colorado River confluence is open most of the winter but cannot be drifted. Flows: 175-400 c.f.s.

Part of this river has been designated a Gold Medal Trout Stream by the Colorado Wildlife Commission.

Part of this river has also been set aside as Wild Trout Water.

Contains: Rainbows and Browns.

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