Butte Lakes

Head to the North Central Section of the state to the area known as North Park for some great Gold Medal lake fly fishing. About 10 miles west of the town of Walden, you'll find a group of lakes called Delaney Butte Lakes.

The surroundings at 8-10,000 feet elevation are stark. These lakes are anything but barren when it comes to food for trout, however. Food sources include scuds, damsels, large sedges, Callibaetis, and some forage fish.

The information here is based on experience with the North Lake, a Gold Medal Fishery, and can be, in general, applied to the other lakes in the area. In fact, don't pass up East Delaney, South Delaney, and to the north, Lake John. They're good fisheries as well.

As for North Lake, this is a brown trout fishery only. The trout average 14-22", with larger fish always possible. Very little, if any natural spawning takes place. Nymphing and streamer fishing seem to be the most successful, but some sporadic dry fly fishing is available if you keep a sharp eye. Drop-offs and week flats are the best places to concentrate your fly fishing. All three lakes have sanitary facilities, and each has a boat ramp.

The North Delaney Lake has been given the designation Gold Medal Trout Water by the Colorado Wildlife Commission.

Contains: Rainbows, Browns, Brooks, and Snake River Cutthroats.

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