Upper Gore Creek

From I-70, take exit 180 and follow the service road on the south side of the interstate until it comes to an end. Put on your hiking boots - it's a long hike. Follow the trail along the creek (marked #2015) to Gore Lake, fishing along the way. It should be worth the hike.

The stretch from Gore Creek Campground down to Vail is almost entirely open to public fishing. Use the bike path that parallels the river for access. It begins on the south side of the river in Vail Village and runs along the river until making a brief detour around the Vail Golf Course, where the river is closed to public fishing. Above the golf course it again rejoins the river where there is public access once again. This continues all the way up to the Gore Creek Campground.

Lower Gore Creek

Again for this stretch, use the bike path that runs along the river for access. Most of the river from Vail down to its confluence with the Eagle River at Dowds Junction is open to the public, but watch for signs. The creek is considered to be a "Gold Medal Trout Stream" from Red Sandstone Creek down to the Eagle River.