for the
Green Mountain Reservoir

Suggested Fly Patterns For Trout
Lures Fly Patterns
Attractor patterns Royal Wulff, Renegade
Nymphs Pheasant tail, Hare ear, Bead head scuds
Streamers Mudder minnow, Black & Olive woolly buggers, Marabou mudder

Suggested Lures for Other Fish
Fish Lures
Kokanee Troll with flat line, lead core or flasher use #1 or #2 Dick Nites, Kokanee Katchers, Wedding Rings and occasionally jigs or Kastmasters.
Mackinaws Troll with Rapalas, Daredevil spoons, with for without laedcore and downriggers, depending on the time of year and water temperature. Jig with Gitzit jigs tipped with sucker meat or bottom fishing with sucker and cut baits.

When to Fish: "Anytime you don't have to be working" or Early AM for Browns.
All day for Kokanee and Rainbows. Before the water warms fo Macks.

Hatch Report: Nymphs and midges.

How would you rate this Reservoir (1-10): 7 trouts, 9 kokanee.

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