Your Guide to Outdoor Colorado!

1. Blue River Inlet - Excellent trout fishing, early AM and late PM.
2. Black Creek Inlet - Great fishing for browns and rainbows. Trolling
from Black Creek to McDonald Flats for kokanee.
3. Excellent kokanee.
4. Great fishing at Cataract Creek Inlet.
5. Trolling between island and Heeney Marina for Kokanee.
6. Fishing "humps" in front Heeney Marina good for lake trout.
7. Brown trout early AM by the Dam.

A. Prairie Point - Day parking, good access, camping fee.
B. Cow Creek - Open, free parking and camping, good access.
C. Willows - Open, free parking and camping, good access.
D. Elliott Creek - Free camping, difficult access, private land close by.
E. McDonald Flats - Fee camping, boat dock, great access.
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