New Fork
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New Fork River

The New Fork River starts high in the Wind River Range as a glacial stream before flowing into the New Fork Lakes. From the lakes it flows as small a stream down the Green River Valley and behind the town of Pinedale. While it widens a bit after merging with Duck Creek, it is still a small, brushy stream at our first put in. Lots of willows, undercut banks, and sharp turns provide excellent habitat for German Brown Trout. Although the average fish is an impressive thirteen to nineteen inches, we see a few fish every year in the four to six pound class, and the chance for a trophy always exists.
The nature of the river, its size and heavy structure, make the New Fork a challenging and exciting river to fish. Large streamers presented quickly into the deepest, darkest holes draw the most fish, and while the New Fork is not a beginner's river, anglers accustomed to this style of fishing will find the New Fork can hold unimaginable thrills.

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