South Platte

Cheesman Canyon

The South Platte River, downstream from Cheesman reservoir, is a world-class fishery offering some of the finest tailwater fly fishing in the state, if not in the country, The river below the dam has crystal clear water and wild rainbow and brown trout. They are eager yet selective.

A short hike into the boulder filled canyon takes one into a wilderness setting rarely found just an hour outside a major metropolitan city like Denver. The geography is postcard perfect, and as many visitors say, "the fishing is indeed a bonus."

This section of the South Platte usually holds approximately 5,200 trout per mile that average 15". Due to the clear, cold water and heavy fishing pressure, fly selection and presentation is key. Though at times difficult, this section can also produce days that fly fishers dream about. You definitely need to see and fly fish this very special place in Colorado.

The splendid natural beauty of this river is distracting even to the most seasoned angler. Bighorn sheep frequent the canyon walls and a variety of birds hover over the water. The two prime stretches of water area are as follows:

Contains: Native Cutthroats, Rainbows, Browns, Brooks, and Snake River Cutthroats.

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