The Middle Fork of the South Platte River begins in Montgomery Reservoir on the edges of Park and Summit Counties. From Breckenridge, take Highway 9 south over Hoosier Pass, then take a right on forest road 409. This road will parallel the river for a couple of miles to the small lake. The river is small in this area, but it is open to public fishing. The river may be fished most of the way down Highway 9 all the way to Fairplay.

From Fairplay you can continue south on Highway 9 along the river, where there is a stretch of Gold Medal Water near the Tomahawk State Wildlife Area. If you continue along Highway 9 you will come to the town of Hartsel. Take road 59 and fish the South Platte all the way down to Spinney Mountain Reservoir.

The South Fork of the South Platte River is just obove Antero Reservoir in Park County. To get there, take U.S. Highway 285 south from Fairplay. About 10 miles outside of town you'll cross the South Platte River. About a half a mile after you cross the river, take a left and go through a gate. This will get you to the river where it's public access upstream to the bridge and all the way down to Antero Reservoir.