Upper Gunnison

Gunnison County's Largest and Most Desired Fly Fishing Stream.

The Gunnison river originates in Almont and provides incredible trout habitat. Large trout make home in long riffles, classic pocket water, deep holes, and undercut banks. The upper section offers a very high quality fishing opportunity, with relatively easy access. Floating this section allows access to private water.

The Gunnison River in the Gunnison Gorge provides some of the best trophy brown and rainbow trout fishing in the state. Numerous fish over 16 inches can be caught particularly in the middle stretch between Crystal and the confluence with the North Fork, but only foot access is available to this section.

Part of this river has been designated a Gold Medal Trout Stream by the Colorado Wildlife Commission.

Part of this river has also been set aside as Wild Trout Water.

Contains: Rainbows and Browns.

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